Public Development Programs

Available on a Consulting Basis:

  • Life Fulfillment Consulting with Dr. Anbender

Available for Training and Licensing:


  • Fundamentals of Enwholement
  • Money and Value
  • Vitality: Recreation, Well-being, and Enjoyment
  • Relationship, Family, and Community
  • Time as Unfoldment
  • Work as Accomplishment

Special Programs:

  • Life Design Sabbatical
  • Grace of Temporality — an Investigation of Freedom, Intentionality and Peace
  • Self From Others
  • Boldness, Freedom, and Power
  • Belonging: Friendship, Family and Community
  • Leading to Freedom: Initiating Developmental Partnerships
  • Providing Power and Freedom — Strengthening Your Capacity to Develop Others
  • Courage and Grace in the Face of Evil
  • Belonging to Life — Human Nature and the Nature of Nature
  • Discerning What’s Essential: Vocation Over Despair
  • The Fulfillment of Time
  • You Can Grow Up Now I — Retiring Teenage Fantasies
  • Fulfilling Life
  • Enjoying Life — Letting Go of Needless Suffering
  • Playing With a Full Deck
  • Developing a Powerful Relational Environment — They Don’t Get It By Osmosis
  • Equanimity
  • Deep Vitality — Being Influential and Accomplished
  • Sourceful Leading — Living as Leading
  • Thriving Together — Building Community
  • Putting Community to Work

One-Day and Introductory Programs:

  • Accomplishment — Pathway to Fulfilling Life and Work
  • Being Happy
  • Belonging
  • Breaking Free
  • Communicating for Accomplishment
  • Development 101 — Introduction to a Fulfilling Life (2 days)

Motor Program:

  • The Courage to Fulfill Life — Living Beyond Fear
  • Appreciating Our Gifts — Living Free of Envy
  • Radical Trust — Dissolving Undermining Doubt
  • Prudence — Wisdom in Action
  • Intentionality and Power — Flexibility and Perseverance in Causing Life’s Fulfillment
  • The “Good Stuff” — The Good, The True and The Beautiful — What Makes Virtue Natural
  • Enjoying Reality — The Basics
  • Get Real! — Feeling Real and Being Real (Having a Personal Psychology That Supports Fulfillment)
  • Living Life (Capital “L”, Capital “L”) — Wholly Creative and Wholly Connected Living
  • Real Happiness I
  • Real Freedom
  • Real Happiness II

Experimental Programs:

  • Experimental Program I — Pact of Honor
  • Experimental Program II — Deep Relating — Taking Care of the You to What Integrates and Fulfills Relation

Advanced Programs:

  • Life/Design
  • Transition Consulting
  • Issue Consulting
  • MisIdentification Consulting
  • Life Fulfillment Consulting

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