Frequently asked questions regarding The Contegrity Approach:

What is the Contegrity Approach?

Contegrity stands for “deep integrity” — with yourself, others, life and whatever integrates and fulfills life. It is a human development approach employed for the last 23 years that serves people’s capacity to fulfill their lives, and contribute to the fulfillment of those around them, and of life itself.

This approach includes fulfilling a whole life — a birth to death life, an all domains life (vitality, work, relations/family/community, finances, spirituality), a connected life (with others, life and with what integrates and fulfills life).

The various orientations and methods unique to the Contegrity Approach have demonstrated the ability to bring freedom, a deep sense of fit, and power to people’s lives and to the operating of people in a work or corporate setting.

In a professional survey of those who had done Life Design with Contegrity, 95% of the people said it had brought them peace as well as focus — knowing what was theirs to fulfill and what wasn’t.

In a corporate setting, the Contegrity Approach integrates operations with the development of greater power, and brings a deep understanding of communication, leadership, management, and time to the orchestration of worthwhile accomplishments by people who begin to see themselves as integral members of a community.

Using a rapid and rigorous analysis method for companies, the Contegrity Approach brings a deeper insight into both what lies beneath the issues a company faces, and the thematic development principle that can provide the power to resolve the issues with a method much stronger than “problem solving”.

What are the essential principles of the Contegrity Approach?

There are many. However, they all have to do with a single, integrated view of how people fit with each other and life in a wholly satisfying way. They give a coherent and deeply fulfilling way of being and becoming what fulfills the particular circumstances of one’s life and work.

To do justice to a whole life approach, it was necessary to come up with a proper grammar and fundamental ideas in various areas.

  • There is a coherent view of a lifetime that takes into account the biological, psychosocial, ontological and spiritual unfolding of a life over time.
  • There is a coherent view of the various dimensions of time in which we live.
  • There is a fundamental sense of how development moves and how to foster the kind of development that is fulfilling.
  • There is a connected view of what a self is that gives a more engaged and unfolding relationship with others and life.
  • There is an approach to fulfillment, and appropriate methods of breaking free from the culture of common sense that is its biggest suppressant.
  • There is a coherent view of accomplishment and what fosters it with increasing power over time.
  • There is a powerful interpretation of the place of transitions in a human life and in the workplace, as well as a method of approaching transitions with freedom and power.

What are the intended outcomes of living the Contegrity Approach?

In short, Contegrity intends that you be fulfilled while fulfilling life.

This includes an approach to satisfaction, accomplishment, and peace that allows for unfolding life at a pace that is both satisfying and developmental and free from the suppressive effects of not knowing your deepest strengths or calling.

The Contegrity Approach intends that you be free of the damaging effects of being caught by “shoulds” or “comparison” which serve more to confuse the issue of what is up to be fulfilled than they do provide inspiration for fulfilling it.

Ultimately, the Contegrity Approach intends that you steer your life with a clarity about who you are, what you are out to provide, and open to develop your power and contribution at a satisfying and not futile pace.

These outcomes are as relevant for corporate settings as for individuals and are approached through communication, leadership and accomplishment and the developmental work appropriate to where those three come together.

Who is the Contegrity Approach for?

For this website, the intended audience is people who are serious about the place of development as central to fulfilling one’s life and work. The background orientation can be in behalf of either personal fulfillment or professional or organizational fulfillment.

By fulfillment I mean that sense of wholeness and fit when one is being both congruent with life and bringing one’s own (or one’s organization’s) gifts and talents to bear whole-heartedly and in a timely way.

The Contegrity Approach has one be the right person or organization, at the right time, in the right place, with the right stuff.

Currently, Life Fulfillment Consulting is available on a limited basis for individuals.

There is also an opening for bringing the Contegrity Approach on a custom-designed basis to organizations that provide development to its own people, to other companies, or to key high potential executives.

If you are interested in an approach to individuals and organizations that makes available a deep sense of fit, of freedom, and of power to accomplish, please use the contact form available on this website.

Who developed the Contegrity Approach?

Kenneth Anbender, Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology) developed the approach. Building on his experience as an est Trainer, Forum Leader, Communication Program Leader, executive and Program Designer for est, Werner Erhard and Associates, and Landmark Eduction, Dr. Anbender started with a clean sheet of paper and determined to address all of the dimensions of a human life when the basic intention was fulfillment.

He designed new methods of development and programs that became the basis for Contegrity Program Designs, Inc.’s development community and corporate consulting work. He did this with his business partner Gail Cantor who now makes the approach available to the public through The Contegrity Collaborative (see link above).

Dr. Anbender has directly worked with between 100,000 and 200,000 people. He has trained hundreds of leaders of programs, and the various programs he has designed have been delivered to between one and two million people around the world. His programs have been offered in most of the Fortune 100 and 500 companies by consultants trained in methods he developed.

How has the Contegrity Approach been tested?

Programs and consulting based on the Contegrity Approach have been led with hundreds of companies worldwide, and with thousands of people. The core discipline of living that fits the Contegrity Approach has been rigorously tested as well in the lives of a dedicated community from across North America that has stuck with the discipline and continued to deepen its practice for nearly 25 years. Seeing its effects on people’s lives (freedom, fit, power, productivity, and fulfillment), as well as seeing how well the elements integrate with a life, has demonstrated the viability of this approach as a more powerful and enjoyable way of living and working than that available from the prevailing culture or by common sense.

What organizations have put the Contegrity Approach to use?

The organizations that have brought elements of the Contegrity Approach into their work, either through programs or consulting or both, run the gamut from large to small, high tech to city governments and spiritual communities.

Some examples follow:

  • Hewlett Packard (multiple divisions)
  • Agilent
  • Avagotech
  • CapGemini
  • Ford Motor Company
  • City of Boulder
  • City of Redmond, WA
  • Kripalu Yoga Center
  • MacMillan Bloedel
  • Jameson Consulting
  • Marquette Companies
  • and hundreds of others through Contegrity Approach affiliate consultants

What does it take to be able to use the Contegrity Approach professionally?

Licensing to use the Contegrity Approach is worked out on an individual basis. It often involves experiencing the particular programs of best fit with one’s work, being trained and certified to lead them, and then a yearly check-in to ensure quality control. Licensing of the material is required, as is maintaining one’s certification to lead. It is best to call (734) 996 9293 to have a conversation regarding one’s work and qualifications and experience, and then custom-design a pathway for putting the Contegrity Approach to work.