For example:

How do you alter how someone sees the world?

You certainly don’t do that by convincing them or telling them anything, or teaching them.

In my view, you do it by altering the antenna of listening they are for life, and you do that mostly by ruining something, by ruining what’s got them hypnotized, what’s got them embedded in a relationship of life that’s not fulfilling. And if you ruin it, then there’s the freedom to invent something else more congruent with life.”

— Ken Anbender from “Relationships, Family and Community”

Suffering is a function of being out of step with how life works.

— Kenneth Anbender from The Fundamentals of Enwholement Program

It is unusual to have a whole relationship to life.

It is much more usual to be in life, going through life, and dealing with what is in life, rather than being related to life as a whole.”

–Kenneth Anbender from The Fundamentals of Enwholement Program

I don’t think people ever get rid of their past. I think they fulfill it, or they don’t.

The bigger the future you’re taking on, the more of the past it calls up to be resolved and fulfilled.

–Ken Anbender from Money and Value (September 1992)

Time is not making you do anything. There is no scarcity of time. Do you think there should be more time than there is?

There is an enormous con going on where people want to use time as an excuse. People are trading fulfillment for being nobly unhappy.

–Ken Anbender from The Fulfillment of Time (Special Program, January 2004)

What if control isn’t the ultimate prize? My guess is that your best moment in life was not the time that you controlled it the most. And if it was not, then it makes sense to have a relationship to time that pulls for best moments, rather than one that pulls for what is not fulfilling.

–Ken Anbender from The Fulfillment of Time (Special Program, January 2004)

 It would be a good discipline to get inspired about only what you can make happen. And shut up about what you see that you can’t make happen. Stop putting all that noise in the conversation. Stop making people think that what would be enough for them isn’t enough. And be inspired by what you and they can make happen together.

–Ken Anbender from Belonging To Life (Special Program, January 2002)