Corporate Development Programs and Consulting Methods

Available as Consulting as well as for Training and Licensing:

Basic Programs:

  • Communication, Connectivity and Power (also known as The Power of Communication, and The Power of Listening)
  • Communicating Across Differences (also known as Cross Functional Communication)
  • Communication Boot Camp
  • Team and Breakthrough Course
  • The Sales Course (Selling Based in Listening)
  • Management Development Lab
  • The Place of Assessment in Management
  • The Essence of Leadership I
  • The Essence of Leadership II
  • The Essence of Leadership III
  • The Essence of Accomplishment
  • How to Work: Operating from Accountability
  • Management, Empowerment and Listening
  • The Grace of Temporality — a Full View of Time and Timing

Advanced Programs:

  • Communication Special Forces I
  • Communication Special Forces II

Introductory Programs: (1 or 2 day)

  • Truth and Lies at Work
  • The Contegrity Approach
  • Living the Contegrity Approach
  • Living a Fulfilled Life — An Introduction to Development
  • What’s Important

Consulting Methodology:

  • Design Analysis
  • Identifying and Managing the One Theme Up
  • Organizational Transition Consulting
  • Cultural Development
  • Development Professional Program
  • Individual Executive Versions of:
    • Essence of Leadership
    • Life/Design
    • Transition Consulting

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